GKG is a leading real estate investment and hospitality group which also has operations in financial services.

Real Estate

Property management and administrative services are provided by GKG Yönetim Danışmanlığı A.Ş. in the commercial real estate market, primarily in the office segment. To enable successful entry into global markets and further expansion, the company strives to provide its partners and customers with consistently high-quality, professional services.

GKG Real Estate is a real estate private equity firm focused on core investments particularly in the hospitality segment.

GKG Real Estate’s approach is to create a diversified portfolio in high end hotels and private rental market.

GKG is a mid market value investor, targeting hospitality properties with both short-term and long-term investment strategies.

GKG Real Estate is a private real estate equity firm which thematically invests in high quality assets and focusing on the luxury & lifestyle assets.

The company offers a full range of administrative services to improve real estate investment strategies.

Financial Services

GKG operates in financial services industry, mainly in banking and brokerage.

GKBank International offers global digital banking services to businesses through web channels.

GKFX Cambodia is a derivatives brokerage company that was founded in 2019. GKFX Cambodia's brand image and technologies have made it a leading financial services company in Cambodia.

GKFX Prime has become one of the world's major brokers through an advanced customer service.

Fast, convenient service with excellent digital security is our major differentiation.


GKBank International provides global digital banking services to businesses.


GKFX Cambodia, licenced by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia, provides brokerage services.

GKFX Prime is our BVI FSC regulated brokerage firm, serving clients in more than 100 countries.


GKG serves in the hospitality industry via its aviation and marine companies.

GKG Aviation mainly facilitates air travel services to its private customers. Our clients benefit from a high-quality service, wide flight range and capacity.

GKG Marine provides luxury charter services to its customers. GKG Marine cruises in various destinations and ensures a personalized service with different amenities.

High quality air travel services with a wide choice of flight range and capacity.

Luxury marine charter services in a wide range of destinations.


We always seek new opportunities to grow both organically and inorganically. GKG has established GH Investment Holdings Ltd (GHIH) to expand the Group’s operations in the United Kingdom. GHIH started its journey with investments in fintech industry and is currently seeking for the new opportunities in various industries.

GKIH Florida Hospitality LLC (GKIH), based in the United States, is GKG’s global real estate investment company. GKIH was founded to expand the Group’s real estate business via investments primarily in the high-end hospitality segment.

GHIH aims to expand the business of the Group in the United Kingdom by direct investments.

Private real estate investment company that primarily focuses on high-quality assets in the hospitality industry.