GKG is a US based group, which has operations in several countries
in financial services, real estate, private equity, hospitality and entertainment sectors.

Our Group

Founded in London in 2010, GKG has maintained its global positioning in the financial services with its Trive Financial Services brand. Trive Financial Services provides global investment and lending products and digital banking through cutting-edge technology, delivering a next-generation financial services experience.

Our real estate operations started with the property management services. GKG took the decision to expand into real estate sector and invest in the hospitality and increase its global reach.

GKG started its operations in the hospitality industry with marine charter services and specialized air travel services to its private customers.

Furthermore, GKG continues its growth in the private equity market by investing in the various industries and provide special experiences in the entertainment segment.

Our Founder

Kasım Garipoğlu, our founder, is an experienced entrepreneur and skilled investor. His vision and leadership carried the business from a single office in London into a global Group.