Based in the United States, GKG is a prominent financial holding company that focuses on digital banking, brokerage, and credit. The group companies also operate in the real estate, hospitality, private equity, and entertainment industries.

Our Group

Founded in London in 2010, GKG has established a global presence in financial services with its Trive Financial Services brand. Trive Financial Services offers global investment and lending products and digital banking through cutting-edge technology, delivering a next-generation financial services experience.

Our real estate operations started with property management services. GKG took the decision to expand into the real estate sector, invest in hospitality, and increase its global reach. GKG started its operations in the hospitality industry with marine charter services and specialized air travel services for its private customers. GKG continues its growth in the private equity market by investing in various industries and providing special experiences in the entertainment segment.

GKG has been marked by resilience, innovation, and a commitment to exceeding expectations.Our foundations were fortified by the strategic reorganization in 2020, which was marked by brand transformation, product upgrades, and an expansion of the regions in which we operate. Today, GKG proudly reflects on its 14-year journey as a symbol of industry leadership, a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, and a promise to continue shaping the future.

Our Founder

Kasım Garipoğlu, founder of GKG, brings a vast amount of expertise as an entrepreneur and investor. Through his visionary guidance and exceptional leadership, he transformed the organization from a London-based single office into a thriving global enterprise.